“Do you think that advertising, loyalty programs and other e-commerce tricks aren't doing enough to reel'em and keep'em”.

“Have you imagined a streamlined process which efficiently connects your staff to the customer providing a unified customer experience”.

“All you need is to change the rules for the next generation of e-commerce. The lines between sales, marketing and service are blurring”.

“To maintain the edge you need an umbrella solution that seamlessly connects your partners, resellers and more importantly your customers”.

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By providing the right information at the right point of time, Connect2Connect enhances satisfaction by allowing prospective customers to connect with you at the first instance, thus increasing your conversion rates.

Timely information: Based on a customer’s online behavior while looking for a product, the CIM solution initiates an outbound call to the customer. As a result, the customer is able to connect with a sales assistant and obtain all the relevant information without having to navigate through an IVR system which is tedious, and at times, frustrating.

From outbound calling platforms to your customized marketing strategy and tactics, Connect2Connect integrates nicely with all. It is also highly configurable and flexible.

Compatibility: The Customer Interaction Management solution is compatible with multiple outbound calling platforms including Cisco, Avaya etc., and integrates seamlessly with your marketing program. For instance, you can run an email campaign with QR codes to initiate a call back to the company. The CIM solution identifies the right executive to handle the call by understanding the context of the QR code.

Customizable:: The CIM solution enables you to map product categories to particular executives.

Connect2Connect will integrate with the CRM system you are using and will be useful irrespective of the industry you do business in.

Integration with CRM: By integrating with your CRM platform, the CIM solution generates leads based on the purchasing history of your existing customers.
ific to any particular vertical; it can be used in any vertical which involves human interaction.

  • Proactively managing all the interactions with customers across all media, rep communication and self service
  • Helps the business to collect, grows and leverage information and behavioural patterns about the customer to ensure context is added
    where possible to all interactions and adapted for future use
  • Provides this context data to all customer reps in real time to address customer needs

Connect2Connect benefits the customer

  • The Right Contact at
  • The Right Time with
  • The Right Context
Improves the customer experience journey from first contact with a product or company through the relationship lifecycle and provides the ability to improvise and learn from each time a customer and the customer (business) interacts

Connect2Connectbenefits the business…

  • By providing incoming and outgoing customer data that is: qualified, sorted, cross-channel, authenticated, directed, automated and recorded
  • And is therefore in the most efficient form to enable optimum business processes, and to deliver efficiency and quality in customer interactions
Call Back request made by the user through internet portal.
Call initiated from the U.S. hardware to the agent & prospect through the PRI line.
One out the bound call to the agent & one out of bound call to the prospect

Call back request made by the user using SMS.
Call initiated from the U.S. hardware to the agent & prospect through the PRI line.
One out the bound call to the agent & one out of bound call to the prospect


User calls the PRI number from his phone gets a IVR prompt to enter the product code.
Based on the product code mapping, the prospect is connected to the agent.
One inbound call from the prospect and one out bound call to the agent.


What are the modes of communication with the Product

For Call-Through request, a prospect should have Phone/handheld device For Web Callback request, a prospect should have Phone/handheld device

and PC/desktop/PDA device through which a prospect can browse the Product seller's website and request a call back.

For SMS callback - a handheld device which has SMS sending facility, a prospect has to type in the Product seller's SMS message and send it across to the given number. The Prospect will get a call on the handheld device.

For QR Code callback - a smart mobile phone with QR code scanning application installed, a Prospect can scan the QR code of the advertised product and send it as an SMS to the embedded number. The Prospect will get a call on the smart phone.

What would be the time interval for a call to get established after submitting the request?

It is almost instantaneous that a call gets established after the request is submitted. In some instances, if an agent/SME is busy, the call may be scheduled in consent with the prospect or can be called at any point of time.

Is there any mechanism to schedule the call automatically?

At the moment, an agent/subscriber will have to manually schedule the call in consent with prospect. We are developing a solution where call can be scheduled as per prospect intended time of the day. For callback facilities (web as well as SMS), call can be scheduled by a prospect himself using the web applications for web callbacks and using the interactive SMS feature for SMS callbacks.

Which are the business units that can use CIM solutions?

CIM can service any Business Unit that has to market/sell its products/services using advertising media like Internet, Billboards, Print media, Radio/TV or any digital media. CIM can serve in betterment of customer satisfaction through context based and tailored customer service, after sales support and promotional activities. CIM can serve better in situations where instantaneous help/support/clarification required.

Will you provide follow up call facility?

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Yes, CIM Services has a mechanism for the follow up call facility. A Product Seller (a Subscriber and/or an Agent) will get unanswered call notification and the same can be seen on Prospect Request Report on their respective dashboards.

How do you maintain call flow when the agent is busy?

The solution will maintain a record of the request being made from the prospect if the agent is busy or unavailable. Both the agent and the subscriber are notified via email. When the agent is free or available, he can call the prospect back using the Prospect Request Report portal on the dashboard or from his email notification.

How will these solutions improve my business?

The online prospect “generally is browsing” – pure online sales conversion rates generally are between 2%-3%.

2. Humans want humans to sell to them. Customers abandon a purchase on your site at many points in the customer online buying cycle, due to insufficient time to read through the details, fewer details, less attractive, or may be anything.

3. Any online business that ignores the behavioural need of customers to talk to sales staff will eventually lose a significant amount of prospective customers.

4. Sales get abandoned due to either from indecision, complexity of choice, 'come back later', confusion, interruptions or inertia

How much investment is needed to use these solutions?

As a Subscriber you need to buy the appropriate package that suits your need. We have different set of offerings as Bronze, Silver, Gold and Premium.

Is any infrastructure change required to adapt these

There is a very minimal change in the current Infrastructure required in case a Subscriber wants to advertise in his websites. We may have to include few buttons and/or web links and or QR codes in Subscriber's website for call initiation from the website. Absolutely NO other infrastructure changes required for SMS and Call Through based services. QR codes can be put on Print Media and circulated. There again a Subscriber needs NO change in his Infrastructure from his end.

How long it will take to enable a service in the system after
the request is made?

Once the Product and Agents are created, a Subscriber can download the toolkits and can get them integrated in his website. He can use the QR Codes and SMS texts in the Print media. An Agent to Product mapping is a very simple task and hardly takes any time for service activation. A Subscriber website modification may vary depending on the number of products to number of pages and the number of services requested.



Creating positive, consistent and compelling customer experiences before, during and after a purchase, and across multiple channels, help in customer retention and could potentially create an army of loyal advocates for brands. .


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